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Book Releasing

Hey everyone! I am so excited to announce that my book is coming out in a couple weeks and I just got the official cover! If my blogs have impacted you over these years, I hope you will consider pre-ordering the book. It's been a labor of love over the last three years and definitely something God poured into me.

The Middle: A Journey through the Valley is a fictional story of Israel who finds herself suddenly in the middle of a life she had never hoped for or anticipated. Having spent years holding her marriage together, she and her children are suddenly on the run from a demonic presence that has captured her husbands heart. The story jumps quickly from reality to fantasy as Israel learns to hear God's voice and journey's to discover who God has created her to be.

"The visions are spectacular! I found myself crying with Israel and laughing with Pilgrim and Faith. You fall in love with the characters and feel with them. A heart-wrenching, hope-filled work of fiction."

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