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Does he look like Jesus?

Something I realize about Jesus. He wasn't the most handsome. He wasn't the most attractive. In fact, he travelled a lot. I can't imagine he always smelled the best. He might have been too scrawny. I would wager to guess that his hair was dissheveled. I happen to know he was pretty broke. And I also know that he hung around really broken people. He followed all the laws, he did it all right, but he didn't always cut his beard just so. He could have had a unibrow or some acne. Who's to say he didn't speak with a lisp or an obnoxiously nasaly voice. We know about Jesus, we know Jesus, but we don't know the superficial things like this. So if we don't know, why do we judge people by those qualities?

What we should look for is the man on fire inside for Christ. Not someone who is physically attractive. That fades. Look for someone who stands on the solid rock morally. Not someone who necessarily has it all together. Although I would love to have a great smelling guy, I'd rather that he has nothing to hide and can be honest and true. We don't need a man with a million bucks, but we need a man whose worth pure gold in his heart. And someone who hangs around broken people could be ministering. Don't judge before you get to know. Why would you want beauty on the outside, but rotten to the core? Maybe he doesn't speak with eloquence, but does he speak to God and does God speak through him? Who cares about the superficial. Look for someone who looks like Jesus on the inside.

1 John 2:6

Whoever claims to live in him must live as Jesus did.

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