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Excerpts from Standing For Marriage


I want to share a link to our online community Standing for Marriage – a group of believers who have been promised a restoration in their marriage and are standing on God in anticipation for His promises in our lives. If you are interested in joining our community, please check it out at

I wanted to share an excerpt from my post last month:

“[My husband] texted me last night from a Thailand country code number. So he definitely flew to Thailand to spend this week with the other woman. I can not believe how my heart is feeling RIGHT NOW though. I was praying last night and have felt so strong and full of the Lord. I listened to [fresh life church] Levi Lusko’s Upon This Rock sermon that goes through Psalm 23. God is filling me up with his joy. I am his sheep and He is my shepherd. I am not going to make future decisions today. I am going to pray for Gods wisdom and guidance if [my husband] does come home, but I am trusting in the Lord. He has not abandoned me or the kids. He is with us ALWAYS. He loves us. Please keep praying for me. Pray that the Lord keeps nourishing me and healing my heart. And pray for [my husband]. He is drowning out there in the sea of the world. DROWNING. Pray that Christ walks out on the water and finds him, deep under the water, and pulls him up out of the chaos and brings him home, sets him on the Rock. Lord, I know that you will do this good work in your time. Lord do not ever leave me. Be my shepherd. Be my strength. Be the Rock that I stand on. The enemy is miserable over me, because he knows that because of my perseverance, my harvest will come in. Your work WILL be done. Not if, but WHEN. You are a big God, an infinite God! You do not ever abandon your children. Right now your heart is broken to pieces over your son [my husband]. Thank you for releasing me from the pain of it. Thank you for taking it on your own back. I love you Lord and I know that in your time, you will do the work you promised to do. You will set us both back on the rock together and restore this marriage. Even if it takes years, even to the end of our lives, I will be faithful. You will use this to shake this world for you Kingdom. I am not alone. Amen”

“God gave me another picture. I was worrying about WHEN God decides to pull [my husband] out of the storm and set him on the rock, how am I supposed to react and what am I supposed to do? I don’t know how to be his wife or encourage him properly. But while we were talking God gave me an image of Him setting [my husband] on the Rock, but it was not the same Rock as mine. I feel like this was God telling me that actually He intends to make [my husband] steadfast in his relationship with the Lord, apart from me, before he restores our marriage. So with that, I felt strong confirmation that this old covenant is broken and I talked to my sister and parents about it. I have filled out the initial paperwork for divorce. This does not mean for me that I am giving up on our marriage. But I feel a deep peace over this decision and I heard several promises last night. The first promise was for [my husband], that God would bring him out of death and into marvelous life. The next promise was for me, that I have made the decision to marry Christ and that my heart is tethered to Him. He is my husband. Third was that if I am faithful and don’t lose hope, that God will restore our marriage, only when [my husband] stands firm on the Lords rock. Fourth is that if I am faithful and don’t lose hope, that God will use this story for a strong ministry. And fifth is that if I choose to not stand anymore and wait for the fulfillment of this marriage promise, but instead choose to remarry, that God will also bless that marriage and make it flourish. This path would leave me giving up those promises of the old covenant, but God would still bless this decision. So I am feeling very uplifted and comforted by all of this. I know that God has not abandoned me and will not forsake me. That I need to stay faithful in prayer and lean on the Lord who never abandoned me and forsook me and never will. My focus is not going to be on restoration of my marriage, but instead in spending each day with the Lord in his glorious presence and resting in his peace. Being still and knowing that He is God and He is in control. [My husband] did call late last night to talk to the kids and I told him they were asleep and he said that was the only reason he called. I told him well I need to talk to him anyways and does he have a minute. He said sure, that he was going to eat but he could talk. I asked him if he was in Thailand and he responded “is that what your phone says?” Clearly being defensive and difficult. I told him yes and he said well then that is where he is. I told him sorry, that if he couldn’t talk because he is with his girlfriend, we can talk later and he laughed and said he doesn’t have a girlfriend. I asked how he got there then and he says someone offered him a free trip and he took it and I asked who but he wouldn’t say. I told him could he please just release me and he said he had. I told him he hadn’t because he kissed me, we had sex, and he told me he loved me before he left. He said he is still trying to figure out what he wants and I told him that I have started the divorce proceedings. Explained the divisions in the paperwork and told him I would email it to him as soon as it was ready. He seemed taken aback by it, but just said okay. I think he really wanted the upper hand in all of this and maybe I swept the rug out from under him, but I know what I have felt in my heart. God is going to use this for [my husband]. God is the only one who can break the chains that [he] has shackled to his own ankles and God alone can lift him out of this storm and set him on the Rock. I am not “standing for marriage” anymore in the traditional sense. I am standing on a promise for a future that, if I am faithful, will be Gods BEST plan, but God has promised me a contingency plan in the form of an alternate joy filled marriage if I can not wait. I think I needed to know that contingency was available honestly, just so I can have a decision in the matter and so that I can release hope for that promise of restoration. I have (once again) been focused on the gift, not the giver. And Jesus wants my focus to be Him. I have decided to marry Jesus and all of these things will be added in Gods good time. Guys, would you please continue to pray for [my husband]? Although I have released the marriage and feel great peace over it, I know that God adores [him] and does not want him to drown in the storm. He wants to rescue him from the world and set him back on the Rock. So please pray for God to soften [my husbands] heart, so that he would be willing to accept Gods grace and forgiveness. Pray that God breaks the chains that bind [him] to the world, lifts him out of the world, and sets him firmly on the Rock. And pray for continued focus and peace for me and especially for my kids. I have not been able to explain what is happening yet. They are pretty unaware at the moment honestly, because they are used to dad being gone [on deployments], but I need the Lord to give me the right words to help them, especially my son, to understand what is happening.”

Where there is no way, God makes the way. Where no one else can reach him, God will find him.

John 13:7 Jesus replied “You don’t understand now what I am doing, but someday you will.”

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