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Updated: Jul 24, 2020

I know I shouldn't do it, but too often I find myself getting into discussions with friends, acquaintances and internet trolls about the "Pro-choice" vs "Pro-Life" debate. I almost can't help myself. The topic boils my blood, and not because I hate the people who go and get abortions. Actually the opposite. I love the people who get abortions, the ones who would consider getting abortions, and the people who would tooth and nail defend that persons right to get an abortion! I LOVE them so much, and it hurts my heart that they are being lied to, and they believe those lies! It hurts my heart that they want to believe those lies! It hurts my heart that they look at Pro-Lifers like myself, like we are the ones lying to them and HATING them! I will not speak for all pro-lifers, because I know people on both sides of that fence can be vicious. But as for myself, my hatred of the Pro-choice agenda comes from a true love for the people who are being victimized by these lies. If you haven't read my previous blog about the abortion industry please do so. This blog is going to focus on some of the lies that Pro-choice advocates have heard and repeated back in defense of the pro-choice stance, how to combat these false arguments and some fairly irrefutable examples to give that may make your friend think about their stance. So, let's get right into it!

1. A fully formed human has and should have more rights than a fetus or collection of tissue.

Answer: (I'll admit I have this photo saved on my phone for when I get into these discussions. You can pull up a similar photo or the same one on your phone. I like to pull it out to show to people along with the response:) Here, I have a photo of a collection of tissue naturally expelled from the womb after 12 weeks.

If that isn't enough to offset the discussion there may be arguments as follows:

2. Assuming that photo is even real

Answer: It is :-D (Keep your cool throughout, if you get exacerbated you aren't going get through to anyone)

3. That's after the first trimester, which is after when most abortions are performed. Up until the third trimester it is entirely dependent on the woman's body for sustenance and it's own existence!

(or alternatively they may say:)

It still clearly looks like a fetus.

(Either way, the answer is the same)

Answer: I'm not talking about the viability of this "fetus", I'm talking about humanity. For a person to say that this tiny and clearly human creature is not in fact human, but an entirely different species is absurd. Dogs give birth to dogs, cats give birth to cats, humans give birth to humans. So because this tiny human wasn't old enough to survive outside of the womb, suddenly it isn't human? It was therefore a "fetus", an entirely different species.

(Give them this example)

Example: If I birth a baby and it has a heart defect that cannot be corrected, so after 29 days that baby dies, was it a human? It wasn't viable! It couldn't survive outside of the womb! But see that child was created in a human woman's body, in her womb.

4. I never said it wasn't human, I said that it has no "right" that outweighs the rights of the woman whose body it is borrowing. She is the only person who has the right to make the decision about what her body goes through.

Answer: Absolutely! You're correct that she has the legal right to choose what is best for her own body. In the same sense that my right to dinner supersedes my child's right to dinner, because I earned the money, bought the food, cooked it, and frankly I'm bigger and higher on the food chain. So I have more rights to that food without discussion. No one would dare argue that either. Legally that food belongs to me and my body needs it and it is my right to choose what is best for my own body, even if that choice denies the needs of another.

5. Wow, were not talking about starving a child! We are talking about does another person have the "right" to attach itself to my body for its own survival? Do they have the "right" to control my body?

Answer: You and I are clearly talking about two separate issues here. Clearly abortion is legal and me and you discussing it isn't going to change that. I'm talking about moral rights, as in right and wrong. Because although no other human has a right to use my body above me, I would still give of my body for my child. I would nurse them, comfort them, and I'd use my own body as a human shield to protect them too.

6. Well see, now that's you! Not everyone wants to have children and not everyone is willing to carry a baby to term.

Answer: But see now we are talking again about the lies and manipulation of the abortion industry. Because as we already determined a fetus is in fact a human being. I don't know one single logical thinking human being that would argue that we should have the right to kill a child, but the pro-choice stance is that we should have that legal right. And again, although that child isn't viable, it is none the less human. And I believe that the vast majority of women out there would choose to protect their children and love them and give of their own bodies for their children. I believe that because the vast majority of mothers out there do these exact things for their children every day. They struggle and cry and advocate like hell for their children, because they love their tiny humans. But see when our society takes a human baby and says "it isn't human at all" then our brains rationalize that "why would I give of my own body for something that is nothing more than a clump of cells?" If more people realized the absolute undeniable humanity of that child, they wouldn't choose abortion. I'm not against "pro-choice", I'm against miseducation and lies, especially intentionally. It is evil and wrong for the abortion industry to lie to women and tell them that an unborn baby isn't a baby at all, just a clump of cells. It is anti-woman and it harms people, including most of all the woman it is supposed to be "protecting".

Now at this point in the discussion you will probably get some sarcastic throw backs and rehashes of what was already argued above, to which you can respond with "ok" and "uh huh" or "well, I guess we just aren't going to agree", but here is what you managed to communicate through this discussion, the part that they will likely walk away with.

1. A "fetus" is a human child, regardless of age and location

2. The bad guy isn't the woman who is having the abortion, the bad guy is the abortion industry who lied and manipulated her

It's important that your friend, acquaintance, or internet troll hears those 2 messages coinciding, because if those two things are absolute fact then any argument made from a "Pro-Choice" standpoint is false. If those 2 facts are true then there is no pro-choice argument that actually makes sense.

Now this is a side note- but I would also like to point out that the abortion industry just keeps making it easier and easier on the pro-life front. With legislation pending in the House stating that 'born, already living babies, who were intended to be aborted but were mistakenly born alive' now have the same rights as a fetus in the womb, aka, they can still be "aborted" AFTER birth, it is going to be VERY difficult for pro-choice advocates and the abortion industry to continue to push this absurd stance that an aborted baby or a baby intended to be aborted isn't actually human. That said, I look at this new legislation as hope on the pro-life horizon, not a set back.

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