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God can and He wants to so He will.


Lord, somehow you are going to overwhelm Chris. He will wake up and realize he has hit rock bottom and there is no where else to go. And then you will go to him and tell him that you love him and this isn’t the life he is supposed to have.

Zaccheus made the best of his situation, but it was not a good life and when you came and spoke to him, he realized it wasn’t the life he wanted. Chris will be the same. He has made the best of his situation, but it is not a good life and when you speak to him, he will see that this isn’t the life he wants and will change.

He fell. I saw him fall and I didn’t turn away until he was close to the water, but you turned me away. You took me in your arms and he has hit the water now. He is drowning in his sin now. I am sure of it, though I will not watch it.

He is in the water and it will be soon. Soon Lord. Soon he will start to drown. Soon he will see you standing over him. Soon he will reach up toward you. Soon you will drag him out of the water. Soon you will break the chains of addiction from him. Soon you will breathe your life into him. Soon he will be filled with your Spirit. Soon you will help him to stand on the water. Soon you will disperse the sin all away from him. Soon you will help him to continue this journey on dry ground. Soon he will pick up his armor on the way. Soon he will reach the promised land. Soon he will search for me and our kids. Soon you will restore our family. It will all happen soon and much faster then I am expecting.

I know it will happen. It’s not a matter of will it happen. It will. There is no doubt because you have made me a promise. I have seen so much happen already. More then half of the vision has already happened. So I know with no doubt that it will happen and the only thing you have called me to do is have faith in your plans, to trust you, to pray for him, to stand out of your way and be still, to stand my ground there, to follow after you. That’s what you need from me. My active obedience of pursuing you.

Lord, thank you! What an easy and enjoyable task you have given me. God, do what you’ve promised to do. Whatever you have to do, rescue Chris! Bring my husband home. Bring Christian and Naomi’s dad home. Bring him home changed – filled with your Spirit, in love and on fire for you and let that burning love for you last for all of his life and all of my life and all of our childrens lives. Let it be an inheritance passed on in the generations. Let it be a legacy spread out like wildfire to everyone around us. Let us be a ministry for you. Let our story light your fire in others hearts.

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