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God You’re so good!


His blessings pour out. Like springs in the desert. Like rain pouring out over the dry land. Where there is no way, He makes a way. And where no one else can reach us, He finds us.

Lord, thank you for this good and amazing work you are doing in my heart and in my life. Tonight I saw your glory and your goodness.

I went to a divorce care class tonight at my church and was able to talk about my experiences and share. And as I was talking, the Holy Spirit was pouring into me and pouring out of me into the hearts of those people around me. I saw weights lifted off of people. I saw eyes being opened and hearts being filled with fire. One man even said that he thought this was the best session they have had yet and this was week 6! Lord, use me Jesus, Father, Holy Spirit. You lit a fire in my soul for serving tonight. For preaching and encouraging those who need your joy. Lord, you have filled me with joy and hope. You are making something beautiful and good out of my deepest darkest despairs. A blessing for me! A purpose for my pain! Praise you Lord that in my weakest, you make me strong. In my sorrow and despair, you have glory and beauty. You have traded my rags for riches. My ashes for a crown.

Here and now You can be honest I won’t try to promise that someday it all works out ‘Cause this is the valley And even now, He is breathing on your dry bones And there will be dancing There will be beauty where beauty was ash and stone This much I know

Lord, I know. I believe and I trust you. You have promised to make beauty from this. Thank you Jesus! Thank you! Thank you for giving me a glimpse tonight of what can be! Help me Lord to remain faithful to you and the promises you have made. You will make a ministry out of me! You will trade my ashes for beauty. You will draw my husband back to you Lord amen amen amen! You will restore our marriage and it will be built on you Amen Lord! I can not do a thing to make these promises happen and toiling is meaningless. I have my eyes on you! My mighty warrior. My promise keeper. Revivor of my soul. My love. My true love. All I can do is rest in your glorious presence and remain faithful to You! Not to the promises and what I can do to make them happen, but to lay myself down daily before you and be willing to be used by you daily. Right where I am planted. You’re a good good Father. And I am loved by you.

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