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Israel’s Battle


Israel opened her eyes, pushing aside a bit of the dirt beneath her feet. She breathed out a sigh as a drop of sweat slipped between the creases in her eyebrows. “My victory is in Jesus name.” She clenched her fist and then she stood. The dust of the floor whipped around her feet. The chain metal clinked as she rose. She shook her long brown hair behind her head and pulled a helmet into its proper place. Her fist clenched tighter around the sword and she sunk it into its sheath on her belt.

Then she knelt down and pressed her hands against her Bible. “This is how I fight my battles.” And she closed her eyes tightly and turned her head toward heaven.

“You told me to get out of your way. You told me, once you had moved me, to be still and know that you are God. You are in control. I gave you my precious seed. I gave you what meant the most to me. I gave it to you Lord, because you promised to plant it and make it grow. I’m still mourning it’s burial, but I know it wasn’t a funeral. I know you are working in the places I can’t see. Now you’re calling me to the front line. Not to fight, but to stand firm and shout insults at the enemy and watch as you slaughter him. I still trust you! I am going.”

And she rose up from her knees and pushed all the sweat that had beaded on her forehead aside. A breath of air braced her as she pulled the curtain of her tent back. It was time. She stepped into the chill of the cloudy day. One other tent stood beside her and the woman inside stepped out also. They’re eyes met and they both smiled, determined blazes filling their eyes.

Israel walked forward and all of her fears fell away from her with each step that she took. She felt herself getting lighter and lighter, almost like she could float. As she walked, her friend blazed a trail beside her too. Soon though, Israel was aware of another. Then another. Friends. Allies. They weren’t alone. What was one, became two. Two became five. Five turned into fifteen. Then forty. Then hundreds. Israel couldn’t see the number anymore, but she heard the roar of an army all around her. She knew she was far from alone. That all of these people had joined her to fight alongside her. To die if necessary, but to be obedient to God’s calling in their lives. Somehow, her faith had sparked a fire that had jumped from heart to heart.

Fear was replaced with courage. Tears of sorrow were replaced with tears of joy. Doubt was replaced with faith. Overwhelming faith. God was really with them. He was with her. She could hear him in the roar of the army around her. She could feel him in the brace of the air that whipped her. She could see him in the sky above her. A shining rainbow, twinkling just above the horizon of the distant cliffs. And she knew He had somehow, miraculously, assembled this army around her. He was using her! Just like he had promised all those years ago to. He was keeping every single promise to her and she knew.

“It’s only a matter of time, sweet daughter. Just be patient. I will do what I promised to do.”

A smile cracked across her lips and she looked to the sky. “Thank you!” she shouted as she charged forward towards the front lines, shouts of strength around her as they followed. Die if she must, but she knew God was working and His plans for her were best.

“And you won’t have to fight this battle. Just stand firm and see my glory come. I will fight for you.”


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