Lion of Judah

A popular Christian musical group called the Newsboys has a well-known song entitled "God's not Dead". A line in that song says "He's living on the inside roaring like a lion, God's not Dead He's surely alive". Did you know that God wants to be a lion for you? He is often referred to in the Bible as the lion of Judah, but what does that mean? A verse from Revelation makes reference to God being the lion of Judah. “Then one of the elders said to me, ‘Do not weep! See, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has triumphed. He is able to open the scroll and its seven seals’” (Revelation 5:5). Jesus was a descendant of Judah which also included David, Solomon, eventually making its way all the way down to Joseph, Jesus’ earthly father. This verse gives us the image of a lion conquering and being victorious over whatever challenged him. So, let's stop and think about real life lions for a moment. I'm sure either at the zoo or on TV or the internet at some point you've seen videos of lions and I'm sure you have an idea of how the lion pride itself works. The lionesses typically do the hunting and feed the pride, it's a magnificent thing to watch them work together to achieve their goals. However, on occasion a lone lioness gets herself separated from the hunting party and gets into trouble. In the event that she is cut off and perhaps harassed by hyenas it can be a terrifying situation for her. She has to work extra hard spinning in all directions to keep her attackers at Bay and can quickly become worn out. Alone, the situation may not have a happy ending, but have you ever seen what happens when the male lion comes to her aid? He rushes in roaring ferociously and battles her enemies away. The hyenas may have been brave and bold when the lioness was alone, but the moment the male comes in, they become afraid and are easily scattered. This is an image of what God wants to do for us. He wants to defend us and protect us from our enemies and attackers. He wants us to call to Him for help and run to Him whenever life becomes too much for us to handle. Our God is a roaring lion ready to defend us and the closer you grow to your savior the louder you will hear His roar. If hyenas flee in fear for their lives before a lion, the king of the jungle, the king of beasts what will the enemies of God's people do before the King of kings, the Creator of the universe? Our God is our defender and protector. He is a lion roaring on the inside of each and every one of His children, cling to Him and learn His ways more every day. That way one day when you face troubles or battle enemies big or small you can call out for help and hear your defender roar as He rushes to help you.

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