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Love Letter to God

I know you love everyone and I know that they love you. I’m not trying to be cocky. I just understand something they don’t really.

You Love Me. I am yours. I am so precious to you. There’s no one on this earth or in existence that could take my place in your heart. You truly adore me. I am yours.

The love you have for me is overwhelming and overflowing and enough. I don’t need anyone else or anything else. If you left me simply blessed in this day forever, it would be enough.

God, I love you. I adore you too. You’re everything I always wanted. You’re the husband my heart craved for. My provider. My protection. The one who wants me and pursued me. The one who sees me and adores me. The one who presses me to be the best version of myself. The compassionate one. The one who forgives me again and again and always loves me despite my weaknesses. The one that I don’t have to fight for or chase or pursue, because you fight for me, you chase me, you pursue me. You love me with an infinite and overwhelming love that never ends and is deep and wide endlessly. You show me love in the deepest and most pointed ways. No one can do what you do to me and for me. The places in me that cry out for satisfaction are never satisfied with the worlds best intentions and blessings but a whisper from you completely satisfies and overwhelms those areas. There is no one like you. I don’t ever want any beside you. You are far more than enough. No words can truly describe You. The love you pour out. The actions. How you love me.

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