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The Mountain is Calling

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

The mountain stands before you; it is huge and beautiful and your heart desires it, but you can’t reach it. You go towards it and the road slopes up and suddenly you’re on and in it, but you don’t even know.

The mountain does not stand as a landmark before you, when you are in the mountain. No, when you are in it, you follow the path laid out before you. You follow the promptings to take this step or that. You follow a guide who has gone before you. It’s a slower path, because you don’t see the greatness before you. You see the small, quiet voices of a sign, a word, those who have been here before.

The only time you really, truly experience how great it is, is when you are on the top. It’s flat and open. Nothing stands beside it. You stand tall and look at the vast expanse of the world around you. You see the world from the mountains perspective.

This is how it is with you, Lord. We desire You and long for You and chase after You. As we wander on flat roads, we wonder where the mountain is that we saw months ago. But when we get to the top and can see the world through your eyes, we love them and we love you. And we love you for allowing us to see them through Your eyes and we love the, because we see them through your eyes.

Then it causes a desire to rise back up in us. We desire to go back into the world and to tell them about You and the greatness of your strength and the overwhelming beauty of your sight.

You are the mountain before me, great and unattainable.

You are the mountain I chase and pursue.

You are the mountain I climb on flat, easy paths.

You are my God and I lose hope, even on your slopes, and I want to run from Your glory.

And when I push forward and grow, You push me into your perspective.

Great and tall, strong and mighty.

No, nothing stands close to the height of your glory.

And you show me the world through your eyes.

You light my heart on fire for your children.

Send me into the world.

Help me to show them the way into You.

“The mountains are calling and I must go…” – John Muir

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