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The Ugly Truth about Abortion

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Dead or Alive babies are big business and worth billions. Well, you came here looking for some ugly truths didn't you? The ugly truth is that whether dead or alive, in our society, a baby in the womb has a dollar sign hanging over their head.

The abortion industry in 2019 was found to be a $3 billion industry. You read that right, $3 billion! Now anyone who knows me knows I stand squarely on one side of that political line, but it isn't about politics for me, it is about morals, so for now I'm just going to talk some numbers at you. The annual number of abortions in the US range from around 880,000 to 1.5 million (some fluctuation with each year). Approximately 19% of pregnancies in the United States end in abortion (that's 1 out of 5 for my mediocre math friends). 25,582 people are currently employed within the abortion industry in the United states. Of those employees 1,800 are physicians, making an average of $172,000 annually. The Medical Director (who is also a physician) makes an average of $213,000 annually, Nurse Practitioners average $99,000 annually, Ultrasonographers $68,000, RN $67,000, Sales Specialist $62,000, Clinicians $48,000, Healthcare assistant $31,000, Patient Coordinator $29,000, Office Assistant $26,000 annually. A small clinic with a skeleton staff crew (1 doctor, 2 nurses and other necessary medical staff for the procedures) spends $1.2 million in payroll each year. 5% of abortions occur in hospitals, 2 % in physicians offices and 93% occur in freestanding abortion clinics. Average cost of an abortion is about $500. Average cost of prenatal care for a healthy live birth is $2000.

So, you might be wondering how all of this started. Abortion became extremely popular in the US starting between the 1950s and 60s. Many abortion historians credit this growth in women seeking abortions to be due to the feminist movement.

Now modern feminism is a whole hot box for me, so I will go further into feminism and it's devastating effects on the modern family, culture, and society as a whole in a later post. For now I will just talk about the parts that pertain to abortion in particular. See in the early days of the feminist movement there were several agenda's being pushed and topics being discussed. Obviously, we as a culture know about and celebrate things like the suffrage movement. I doubt you will find anyone in this day an age speaking out against a woman's right to vote. What you may not remember about the women's movement was that agenda's were being lumped in with things like suffrage. In this way a "feminist" and "liberal" woman would start to believe that in order to be a "feminist" you HAD to buy into the extremely ANTI-WOMAN agenda's being lumped in with the cause, agenda's like abortion.

Many of the "abortion professionals" describe the early anti-abortion movement as being "anti-feminist." It was a popular and well spread propaganda being passed around at the time that if you did NOT support the abortion movement, then you were anti-woman and anti-feminism. At the time abortion was being pushed as a basic female right, something that women desired and needed in order to further their educations and careers. Makes sense right? Women seeking to further their careers and become the truly liberated beings they were intended to be couldn't be held back by something silly and insignificant like a family. A baby was the best way to disqualify yourself from a promotion. A baby would take up time and resources that women needed in order to become truly liberated. A baby was an inconvenience that stood in the way of achieving a woman's full potential. In this sense it became a feminist right of passage to have an abortion or at least advocate for abortion. It became "anti-feminist" to choose a family, a husband and children in place of an advanced education or a work promotion.

This movement also came on the heels of the Civil Rights movement. Equipped with buzz words like "white male patriotism", "equal rights" and "white oppressors", the liberal movement was able to ride the coat tails of the Civil Rights movement right into the Feminist movement. Motherhood became a curse word on a feminists lips, and they made it an issue of race (they still do to this day come to think of it). The word was akin to allowing the "oppressive white male" to dominate your rights and your freedoms. Essentially by choosing to become a wife and mother you were choosing to be subservient to an oppressor. You were choosing the give up your freedom to become an independent woman. You were choosing to throw your rights in the faces of those who fought to get them for you. For shame! Beyond that, by becoming the WASP (that's White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) wife of a WASP husband, and then bearing him white children (the audacity!) you were actually furthering generational "racism" by not supporting integration and intermingling of races. The feminist agenda was genuinely pushing that if you were a white woman, married to a white man and birthing white children then you are the cause of racism and you are furthering it by your actions. In this way you can see how the abortion movement was able to gain ground rapidly within our culture until it became commonplace to view the two entities "feminism" and "pro-abortion" as one common fight.

Facts, numbers, statistics, blah blah blah, what does all this mean to me, Michelle? Ok, well let's start from the top. The facts are that abortion is big business. If I were sick or injured I would go to a hospital. Thus, a hospital is able to stay open and provide a vast array of services to many different people (surgical, rehab, emergency services, observation, mental health, specialty fields, dental, financial aid and so on). A hospital generally doesn't have to go and advertise that it is there. When you have an emergency you go to the ER. When you need rehab your PCP refers you to the hospital specialist. When you need a specialist you will be referred to the right physicians at the right hospital. Make sense? Since the majority of abortions are performed at freestanding clinics, not hospitals, that makes it the duty of the freestanding clinics to bring in customers. They advertise abortion to the general public in order to keep the doors open, it's that simple.

Now "advertising" abortion seems like a weird concept. I don't generally turn on the TV and see ads for abortion (although even this has become more blatant these days). So how do these clinics go about advertising abortion? Well one way is to pay "popular" people to make it popular. It's called lobbying, and although it is an ugly word that people take to mean corrupt politicians (and yes, it does mean that to some extent) it actually just refers to anyone who essentially takes a pay out to say they like a product or idea in order to make it popular. After all, isn't that all advertising really is in the end? Someone pays an actor to stand in front of a camera and say how this lotion is fantastic, it made my skin flawless, or this exercise program was fantastic, I lost 18 pounds! We all know that those are actors and they had flawless skin and 2% body fat before they ever laid eyes on that product. We also know that, even as they are speaking their lines, this is the first time they've ever laid eyes on that product. Yet, we listen to the lies they are telling. We see their beautiful bodies and perfect skin, and run our fat oily butts down to Costco to pick up our lotion in bulk.

So in 2018 the abortion industry spent an average of $2.5 million in lobbying. That means that actors, politicians, pro sports players, musicians, lawyers, doctors, public figures (pretty much anyone who is influential in the lives of others either directly or indirectly) were paid out $2.5 million last year to speak out publicly or privately to women and tell them that abortion is what's best for them. That is a drop in the bucket next to the $3 billion the abortion industry walked away with. Advertising at it's best.

Hold on a minute there, Michelle. Are you suggesting that abortion clinics don't have my best interest in mind here? Whoa now! I'm not suggesting anything, I'm just stating facts here. Here's another fact for you. The doctors and clinicians will not give you the details about the procedure and how it is performed. They use sterile terminology when you talk with them about the procedure. They downgrade your child to the status of "fetus". That "fetus" isn't even human, it is an entirely different species. They will not walk you through what they will be doing in the procedure, but instead will talk about how you will "feel a pinch and then a lot of pressure". They will do everything within their power to make the procedure seem routine, natural, benign. It doesn't seem like abortion clinics would be that unethical, to make something that is an emotional and (often) heartbreaking decision for a mother into something cold and unfeeling. Well, did you see counselors listed on that list of abortion staff above? Therapists? Social Workers? Mental health specialists? They have a lot of names, yet none are listed there. Counselors, therapists, whatever you want to call them, do not work in the abortion industry. Abortion is not an emotional thing (according to the abortion industry), because you are "scraping tissue" the same as if you were having a mole removed (consequently when I had a mole removed a year back they didn't offer me any counseling at that time either).

Wait, now I know you're crazy, Michelle. You said that the average cost of an abortion is $500 versus the average cost of prenatal care for a live baby is $2000. Now I know we took mediocre math together and we have both had our share of head bumps over the years, but if I'm not mistaken that means there is more money to be made in keeping babies alive than in killing them. So why then, huh, why then, Michelle, would the abortion industry be trying to kill babies, if it's all about the money, huh? Well see it's not ONLY all about the money. I'll explain in a moment.

First, let's fine out who has abortions? Well, 86% of abortions are performed on unmarried women. 58% of abortions are performed on women in their 20s and 28% were women in their 30s. Black women are 3.5 times more likely to have an abortion than white women.

Let's pause here for a moment and observe these statistics in regard to modern day feminism. So the modern day feminist would agree that it is "My Body, My Choice" and in this way she is taking back her power to decide her own future. If she wants to move forward in her career or education a baby would get in the way of that. A baby would take away time from work causing a woman to lose her financial freedom. Additionally, simply raising a child can be expensive. All of these ideas point to abortion being the most ideal route to female empowerment, at least, they do in a male driven world. Essentially you are telling a woman in order to be a truly free and empowered woman she needs to be a man (not bearing children).

Look here at all of those arguments just given (keeping in mind that these are the ideals the original feminist movement pushed) and compare them with the common reasons stated for getting an abortion.

Not ready for a child (25%), can't afford a baby (23%), done having children (19%), don't want to be a single mother (8%), not mature enough to raise a child (7%), would interfere with education/career (4%)

This makes up 86% of the women getting abortions, and essentially we can break it down into 4 categories: Financial, Education, Career, and Immaturity. These are the same reasons the original feminist movement stated for needing abortion to be emphasized within the women's rights movement. The first three definitely come up when we talk about women's rights still today. We hear about wealth inequality, we hear a lot about glass ceilings. So let's talk about these root issues.

I find it very interesting that the abortion industry is bound and determined to make the right to kill your own baby about financial stability, education and career. They are essentially saying that in all of this the child is the problem. But hold up a minute, a child, an unborn child at that, causing financial burdens, education deficiencies and career stagnation doesn't really make a ton of sense. Why are we holding an unborn child responsible for making fair these areas of women's lives? Doesn't it make better sense to hold employers responsible for the advancement of women employees within the workplace? Wouldn't it make better sense for financial institutions to offer more aid and assistance to mothers, children, families? Shouldn't employers and Universities be made to encourage a woman's natural right to become pregnant, even while employed or pursuing an education? Does it really make sense that we women are out there fighting for our right to kill our own children with Government money, when it would make better sense for that money to instead be allocated to, I don't know, maternity leave?

Since the Obama administration there has been this newfound interest and push in our society for socialized medicine. To summarize the idea behind socialized medicine (at conception) is that taxes are raised and the Government then provides healthcare across the board for all citizens. I won't get into any of that here, there is way too much to say on that topic. I will say that abortion has come up again on the dockets under the idea of socialized medicine. In other words feminists really want to see abortion covered as a medical expense, where pro-lifers obviously do not want to be paying tax dollars toward abortion. But again, all of this is a smoke screen distracting us from the underlying issues. Those issues again are women feeling marginalized in regard to finances, education and careers. All of these politics fail to look at the human element! We are talking about real people (women and children) and their lives (born and unborn). So again, I go back to why are we focusing on abortion instead of trying to fix the underlying causes of abortion. If our government is so damned determined to fix the problem, they could help women advance their careers while still being mothers, through providing government/employer funded programs. They could offer maternity leave, increased financial aid directed toward women, increased education opportunities for working mothers, offer employer benefits for hiring pregnant women and mothers, encourage employers to offer "work at home" opportunities to mothers, etc. Why are these real women's rights issues not being brought to the table, but abortion is?

Ok, so here is the real reason behind abortion. Beyond the "women's rights", and beyond the multi billion dollar industry, what the hell is abortion REALLY about? The ugly truth is that abortion is about POPULATION CONTROL. You heard right. Abortion is about controlling population and overcrowding by eliminating the most vulnerable and least contributing populations.

The United States is "The Land of the free and the home of the brave". It is one of the most coveted countries of residence worldwide. That is partially why we have so many enemies (haters gotta hate). It is also currently populated by 327.2 million human beings. That is more than the UK (66 million), Canada (37 million), Australia (27 million) and Mexico (129 million) combined (again, for my mediocre math friends). In fact the US is #3 on the list of countries with highest populace (after China and India). Socialists don't want to believe it (and hey, maybe could there be an agenda getting pushed on us to keep us from seeing the truth?) but the truth is that this country simply does not have UNLIMITED resources. Those in power know this. They have seen the wealth spread, and they know that their wealth/power control will not last if our countries becomes over populated. So what's the easiest method of population control? You take out the lowest on the food chain, babies, elderly and disabled. Life/Birth control. And what is the government pushing to be covered medically as a form of birth control? Abortion.

Unborn babies are the current target for population control. They are the easiest population to murder because it is easy enough to push a narrative that they are not even human or living yet. They have easily been able to sway minds by saying viability of a "fetus" is relevant to the humanity of a "fetus". If the child cannot survive outside of the womb then it isn't a human child at all, just a fetus. I'm going to post later about how to combat some of these arguments when talking with friends, family, acquaintances, so if you're interested stay tuned.

Mark my words, once abortion has secured it's place in society and is accepted by the majority, the next population that will be targeted is geriatrics and disabled. Within 10 or 15 years the "hot topic" is going to be "physician assisted suicide in geriatrics and disabled" and the lawyers will wheel out their examples of people who are dying and just want to pass peacefully, and old demented people who are "already gone". Don't allow these lies in your heart. It isn't about sympathy, or women's rights, or human rights and dignity. It is about population control and keeping the masses in check.

If you hung through with me this far thanks for reading. I know I started to come off as a conspiracy theorist a little here at the end, but if you followed me this far down the rabbit hole I hope your eyes were opened a little to a new perspective. Check out my next post "Fighting the Pro-Choice agenda one mind at a time" for some easy to remember and hard debate ways to talk with a Pro-Choice friend about that choice.

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