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Two visions


I have had many visions when in worship in God’s presence, but I wanted to share two of them, because I see them happening now in my life. God, I want to pursue you and follow your steps. You have been clear with me.

The first vision I saw was of me on the boat with the Lord and my children again. As I looked out across the water, it was a beautiful sunny day. And I looked to my left and saw Chris. I could see from his perspective, he was climbing up these stone steps leading into the sky and as he reached the top of the steps, there was this expanse of land in front of him. It looked like wilderness, but it was beautiful. He began to walk out into the wilderness and got a few yards in, but from my perspective on the boat, I could see the truth. The stone steps and the wilderness that he was walking in were completely unsupported. It was about 6 inches thick of packed dirt and nothing underneath it to hold it up in the sky. So as Chris was walking, the ground under his feet began to crumble away and he started to fall. I saw him falling from my perspective on the boat, but then I turned away and embraced the Lord with my children. We pressed into his neck and he held us and loved us. I saw from Chris’s perspective again that he was falling and he hit the water below. The sting was hard against his back and it knocked the breath out of him and he started to sink deep into the sea. His eyes were dimming and he was almost asleep, drowning in the sea, but he saw a light and the Lord above him on the water, walking on the waves. He reached down through the water and pulled Chris back out of the ocean. Chris was lifeless and so Jesus did CPR and breathed his breath of life into him and Chris came back to life. Then the Lord broke the water apart and set their feet together down on the ocean floor and they continued walking toward the promised land.

The first vision happened several weeks ago and has encouraged me for the fact that I know Chris is falling now. The ground just fell out beneath him when the divorce finalized two days ago and I have felt God told me it is time for me to be active again. My action is to turn away and press into the Lord. He is my Comforter and will keep me from seeing things that will harm me. When Chris hits the sea, that will be sin swallowing him up. I know he is about to face some excruciating pain – consequences for his actions. And God is protecting me and the kids from seeing this. But the pain of that sin hitting him will knock the breath out of him and destroy him. I don’t think he will physically die, but the evil inside him will. God is going to pull him out of sin, breathe the Spirit into him, and disperse sin so that Chris can walk through it. With temptation on both sides of him, but with him between it, so that he will not go back into it.

The second vision happened again, while I was deep in worship. I saw me and the kids on one side and Chris stood before us, facing us and watching us. There was this deep black shadow of a demon hovering over him and plaguing him. It had long tendon like claws and was digging them deep into his skin, into his neck and his sides. The kids and I were praying and I tried to step forward to help get the devil off of him, but as I took a step, a pillar of fire fell down from heaven to my left and ripped across the ground between us, leaving me and the kids on one side and Chris and his demon on the other. It had put up a barrier, like a thick piece of glass between us. The kids and I fell down crying and praying. And as we did that, I saw two things. I saw many of my friends who are suffering divorce or are standing for their marriages appear with me. I saw Rebecca, Barb, Eric, Adrienne, Michelle. And many more friends beside me too that I did not consciously see, but knew they were present. And on the other side, with the plaguing demon, I saw their spouses appear with Chris and with their demons plaguing them too. James, Tim, Erics wife, G, Daniel, and many others too. They were screaming out and crying as the demon ripped at them and it was painful. We turned away crying and bowed down. We huddled together and we prayed. I then saw, outside of myself who was there praying. They fell to their knees as they were being tormented. Then I saw the hand of God reach down out of heaven and gripped the demon and tore it violently from their backs. They screamed as it ripped away their flesh, but they were free of the demon. Then God went in and tediously picked out all of the tendon claws from out of their flesh. They were broken and in pain. Then I saw the Lord go to their bodies and press himself against their backs, wrapping his arms around them. As He pressed against them, their flesh healed and their bodies were restored, but their eyes were lifeless, like glass. The body was just a shell. So the Lord breathed into them and it filled their nostrils and their ears and their eyes became bright again with life. At this point, many of the men and women who were on that side and this side fell away from my focus and I could only see Chris, but we turned back to him and saw the life in his eyes. And he opened his arms and ran straight through the barrier and back into our arms. Our family restored.

I realize now that this barrier God had put up was the divorce. That God is using this as a protection for me and the kids against the demon that plagues this man. God has plans to restore him, but the next thing that he had me do was to turn away and not look at him anymore. That he is clearly going to suffer beyond what I can watch and I have to guard myself and the kids from watching him suffer. It will pain us to watch, but we can continue praying and we may still hear his torment. The only way to protect ourselves is to turn away from it. We need to press into the arms of our Lord. He is going to rescue Chris and many others. He has shown me several times that this is his will and his plan and nothing I do will change what he does. But we have to stand strong and stay put so that Chris can come through the barrier of divorce and back into marriage. Back into our family. God will do what he has promised to do.

Lord, give me the strength to turn away with my kids right now. I don’t want us to suffer anymore watching him suffer. You have a miraculous plan in the work already. You have put up the barrier and we are very far along. You will do it.

Proverbs 19:21 Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.


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