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Vengeance or Forgiveness

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

I don’t want to be that one who comes to the end of a trial, praying for justice, just to find that justice was served in a way I didn’t expect and all I am left with is anger and bitterness.

No thank you. I’d rather release my need for justice. God, you’ve got this! Your Word makes promises for these people, but if I never see justice on this side of heaven, I know you’re still in control. If I never see it the way I want it, you’re still in control. If I see it and it doesn’t look like how I hope, you’re still in control.

Vengeance is yours, because that burden is too heavy for me to carry. Vengeance is yours, because I can’t walk this pattern of anger and hurt without being eternally marked and forever transformed by it. Vengeance is yours, because you have plans for the hurt they caused for my life and you allowed those hurts to happen to shape me into the best version of me.

Forgiveness is mine, not because they deserve it, but because you love me and want me to be free from that heavy load. Forgiveness is mine, because I can walk in this way and be eternally marked and forever transformed. Forgiveness is mine, because you make beauty from ashes and shine through the cracks in my life to transform others lives too.

I’m broken to be a blessing. Not to seek justice or vengeance. Not to become bitter. To forgive as Christ forgave, for my sake and my blessing. Thank you Lord!

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