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We have an understanding

The Big Man. The Man upstairs. He...

I was getting to know someone several months ago and asked about what church he goes to. "I don't go to church right now" is something I've heard a lot since Covid. I'm sorry, I know it's blunt of me to say, but I've heard that excuse enough times now to last me a lifetime. Please, just be honest with me, and tell me how strong was that relationship you have with God prior to Covid if Covid is what pulled you out of church? I'm just calling that to light, because I saw you at the mall and the movie theatre two days ago. But let me get off my high horse, before someone calls me a judgemental hypocrite.

But anyways, chatting with this person, trying to get to know them, and when I ask "why aren't you going to church, if you don't mind me asking?" the answer floors me. "Me and the Big man have an understanding."

What does that even mean? I promise you, I looked it up in my Word. I did some research online. I even pulled out my old Bible studies and theology books to try to find it. I don't see it anywhere in there. There is no name for God called "The God who understands your lethargy." "The God who compromises." "The God who doesn't care." I'm so sorry to tell you brother, but God didn't put you on this earth for you. He has a plan for your life and no, He doesn't just stop caring about you, just because you don't care about Him. Don't lie to me about who my God is by telling me that you and He "have an understanding."

Here's some of the names I did find of who God is. These references came from the "Experiencing God" study by Henry and Richard Blackaby if you're interested in reading more names, but here are a few.

Great and awesome God - Duet. 7:21

He who blots out your transgressions - Isa. 43:25

He who raised Christ from the dead - Rom 8:11

He who reveals His thoughts to man - Amos 4:13

Him who is able to keep you from falling - Jude 24

Him who is ready to judge the living and the dead - 2 Tim. 4:1

I AM WHO I AM - Ex. 3:14

Jealous - Ex. 20:5

Judge of all the earth - Gen. 18:25

One to be feared - 1 Chron. 16:25

The consuming fire - Isa. 33:14

The God who saves me - Ps. 88:1

The strength of my heart - Ps 73:26

You who judge righteously and test the heart and mind - Jer. 11:20

You who love the people - Duet 33:3

Your very great reward - Gen 15:1

Your life - Col. 3:3

Your salvation - Isa. 30:15, Eph. 1:13

Those aren't passive words. Those aren't complacent, uncaring, disregarding names for God. No where in the Word is He ever called "The God who doesn't care" or "The God who has understandings with people." He isn't like you or I. There's no "having understandings" with El Shaddai. No, we serve a God who LOVES us, a God who CARES. He cares even more then you. He isn't complacent and lazy like us. He isn't like us at all. A God who created us with a purpose for this life. For you to believe that God would even consider having an "understanding" with you means you don't really know God. You can't even imagine how much He loves you or even who He made you to be. You don't know yourself, because you don't know Him. He isn't lethargic. He doesn't sleep. He doesn't stay still. He doesn't turn a blind eye. He watches you. He pursues you. He seeks after his one, even leaving the ninety-nine to do so. He LOVES you. Don't get confused. God isn't here to condemn the lost, but to find and rescue them. He isn't going to leave you to your own devices. That's not the God of the Bible.

It broke my heart a few months ago when I was speaking to my ex-husband again. Yes, I'm still standing for his salvation. But I was frustrated and said something to him about finances or something. He responded "I can't fix that, but I know who can." I didn't think he could possibly be referencing God though. There's just no way. Not out of that mans mouth, so I responded "who?" His answer had my head swirling. "He..."

He?...HE??? He who? Who is He? I get it! You're trying to be poetic or something, but our awesome, amazing, overwhelming, strong, powerful, nothing exists without him God, the creator of the heavens and the earth God...and you can't even tell me anything more about Him then He? Maybe I have these really high expectations of people who claim to know Him, but my gosh. Ten seconds in His Presence is enough time to have me balling, a wreck on the floor. I'm totally a sinner saved by grace and doesn't my humble self know it! So it's hard for me to imagine the relationship you profess with the God that I know when all you can say about Him is He...

At least you got his pronouns right. Perhaps that's a blunt controversy for another time!

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