The Middle is a story of faith as Israel receives an impossible promise from the Lord that He would someday save her husband and restore her marriage and her family. It is a fantastic, epic novel that often crosses from reality to fantasy without warning, as God leads Israel on an amazing journey of trials and trust. It is a story of redemption from sin, reconciliation of relationships, and God’s love. It is a reminder that God never gives up on us and it is never too late to turn around and go back to him.

The Middle: A Journey Through the Valley by Sharon Jones

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  • The Middle is my story – a journey through divorce, challenges, pain, and joy in my time in the middle. Many of the visions included in this novel are real visions I recieved from the Lord and the trials relate to actual events. The promises are real. The faith is real. The impossible miracles are real. God is doing everything he promised to do. I wrote this story as I walked through the journey myself, which makes it all the more personal. I hope walking through this journey with Israel inspires you to chase after God and His best plans for you. One step at a time.